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Have you previously used a similar Blow Dry product before it was banned by the HSE / IMB? QOD Treatments have been fully tested and certified by an Independent Irish Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Product Testing Company and Based on the results, we have had a letter issued to us stating that our products comply with European Communities Regualtions. Copies of the Independent Certificate and compliance Letter can be given to every QOD Salon if requested.

Can you use QOD Treatments just after you have had your hair coloured? Yes, just make sure you go a shade darker with the colour, as the cleanser which purifies the hair will lighten hair by one shade. It would be advisable to do the QOD 4/5 days before the colour instead, therefore no need to adjust shade.

Can you use QOD Treatments on all types of coloured hair?
Yes, again remember the cleanser can sometimes lighten the hair by one shade.

Can you use QOD Treatments on weak and damaged hair? Yes, actually QOD Treatments dramatically improve weak and damaged hair by giving a much needed protein injection, making hair stronger and healthier.

How many times do I run the hair straightener  (GHD) through the hair to seal the treatment in? Again, this really depends on hair type and thickness, but we recommend at least 10 – 15 times.

How long does the treatment take to apply? The average time for a QOD Treatment to be applied
is 1 hour, but this does depend on the length and thickness of hair.

If I were to cut the hair also, how much time would I allow in total? Again, this really depends on hair type and thickness.

Do I wash out the treatment that day? No, we recommend that you leave the QOD Treatment in the hair for at least 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours. You can however wash out after 1 hour, the treatment however will not last the full 16 weeks if you do this.

Can I get my hair wet while the QOD Treatment is in my hair? No, if you get your hair wet, it will naturally frizz and the treatment will set this way. If you do get your hair wet, we recommend that you wash the treatment out of your hair as soon as you can in order to prevent the hair frizzing.

Will QOD Treatments Straighten hair?
Yes, however QOD Treatments are not designed for straightening hair, they are a hair de-frizzing treatment that will naturally straighten hair up to 50-60% depending on hair type and length.

Do you provide formaldehyde free certification? Yes, we provide every QOD Salon with a laminated certificate in order to show their clients.

I don’t get many clients asking for hair De-frizzing treatments, how will I promote it? QOD Ireland provide ample marketing material free of charge to every QOD Salon. These include: Posters, Information Leaflets and Flyers, Mixing Bowls, etc.

I haven’t heard of this product, so how do I get my clients interested in it?
Along with the ample marketing material that we provide, QOD Ireland are working very closely with PR Boutique, a highly experienced PR Company. We have also signed advertising deals with Weddingsonline.ie, Groupschemes.com and various hair magazines and websites. All of these agreements are set to start rolling out over the coming months in order to gain the public’s interest.

I’m unsure of the Quality of the product: We have an International certification, but for added comfort for salon owners we have had the product tested in Ireland by an Independent company to show the product is Formaldehyde free and these certificates are supplied to each QOD Salon. Other products out there cannot prove the same certification.

I don’t think there is an interest in my area for this product and I don’t want to purchase the product without knowing that it will sell: We have marketing material which we can provide to you for no cost to put up in your salon to promote the product. This will give you a good indication if your clients want the treatment. We also sell a sample Kit sufficient for 3 applications. This purchase will be deducted from your following order.

Clients don’t want to have to come back to the salon 24 or 48 hours later to get the treatment washed out: There are a few products available where this is necessary but with ours your clients purchase additional shampoo and conditioners that they can wash out the treatment themselves.

Can the treatment be washed out with any shampoo? No, the treatments must be washed out with sodium chloride (salt) free shampoo. Regular use of Sodium Chloride free shampoo is strongly recommended for the longevity of the treatment. QOD supply these shampoos at affordable prices.

Can normal conditioner be used on post treatment hair? Yes, but we strongly recommend that a deep conditioning conditioner be used in the hair to ensure longevity of the treatment. QOD supply these conditioners at affordable prices.

Can I go to the Gym straight after getting the treatment: No, by doing this you are causing the hair to frizz while the product in bonding. The hair cannot be tied up right after having the treatment applied.

 My clients are still unsure how safe the product is: With previous blow dry products, smoke and fumes would be extremely visible as the straightening irons were being applied to the hair, this was the formaldehyde and it is a clear sign that formaldehyde is present. This will not happen with QOD as it is totally safe and organic.

Is there any professional advice / support on offer? Yes, we do provide professional advice / support from our two head stylists over the phone. Our stylists will answer any questions or queries that you may have.

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