Application Process

Max Prime, has a similar formula to Max Silver, however, it is stronger in terms of straightening as we have focused on developing the Max Prime After Mask. This aftermask has a higher pH compared to the treatment, therefore the reaction of the 2 products go hand in hand to produce a stronger straightening result. Ideal for very tight curls and afro type hair

QOD Max Prime Treatment Proccess

QOD PRO MAX PRIME - Manual_Page_1
QOD PRO MAX PRIME - Manual_Page_2
QOD PRO MAX PRIME - Manual_Page_3

QOD Max Silver Treatment Proccess

QOD PRO MAX SILVER - Manual_Page_1
QOD PRO MAX SILVER - Manual_Page_2
QOD PRO MAX SILVER - Manual_Page_3

QOD Treatment Videos

Before and After QOD Treatment

QOD Frizzy Hair Model
QOD Frizzy Hair Model
QOD Frizzy Hair Model
QOD Ireland Before and After Application Process

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