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      QOD PRO  Glorious Oil is the hair oil that brings the seven forces of nature to promote hydration and extreme shine for your hair! Composed of a Blend of argan, avocado, linseed, sunflower, olive, macadamia and coconut oils, QOD Professional Oil Glorious nourishes damaged strands, leaving them soft and shiny, perfect for finishing all types of hairstyles.

      Hair type:

      Dry, damaged, frizzy and lackluster.

      Key benefits:

      Nutrition, frizz control, protection against external aggressors.

      Highlighted Ingredients:

      • Blend of oils (argan, macadamia, olive, avocado, flax, sunflower, coconut): nourishes and leaves hair soft and shiny.
      • Silicones: control frizz

      How to use:

      Apply a few drops in the palm of the hand and spread along the length of the hair.
    • QOD Argan Hair Shampoo 300ml


      QOD Argan Hair Shampoo that is a powerful hair reconstructor with keratin and argan oil. It is made with a balanced pH level, and promotes a rich foam, treating hair completely with lustrous shine.


      Directions For Use:

      Apply to wet hair, lather well and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. For best results, use QOD Argan hair conditioner.



    • QOD Argan Hair Conditioner 300ml


      QOD Argan Hair Conditioner is produced with low weight silicons and argan oil, to help sealing the cuticle and protecting the hair fiber, increasing shine and balance.


      Directions For Use:

      After washing with QOD Argan Hair Shampoo, work a dab into hair and comb through. Leave in 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

    • QOD Max Prime Hair Shampoo 300ml


      QOD Max Hair Shampoo is pH balanced and gently cleanses the hair, restoring shine and manageability. Rich in antioxdants, Cocoa extract and Palm glyceride, a natural emollient, acts in unison to moisturise and nourish the hair resulting in softness and manageability. Panthenol helps to detangle, reduce split ends and prevent damage. Cetrimonium chloride improves manageability whilst helping to remove silicone build up which can leave hair lifeless and flat. Hydrolysed keratin helps to strengthen the hair and protect against damage. The product produces a rich lather containing essential vitamins and amino acids, thereby treating the hair in its entirety.

      Directions For Use:

      1. Apply a generous amount of conditioner on the palm of your hand.
      2. Massage your wet hair with the product with your finger tip. Rinse off with water.


    • QOD Fiber Complex


      QOD Fiber Complex is a blend of bio amino acids. It presents a molecular structure that is smaller than the capillary fiber, penetrating into the hair cortex to regenerate, stabilise and covalent bonds, which contribute to reinforcing the internal structure of the hair. QOD Fiber Complex also contains glycol ether, that provides fast penetration into the capillary fiber, transporting amino acids for a long-lasting effect. This gradual process ensures homogeneous color and shiny hair – feeding it throughout all chemical hair treatment pause time.


      Directions For Use:

      See below.


    • QOD Original Cleanse Hair Shampoo 1000ml

      QOD Original Cleanse Hair Shampoo has been specially formulated to remove from the hair, day-today build up as well as residue left by styling products. After using QOD Original Cleanse the hair cuticle has a clean foundation in which the keratin can fuse to. This cleansing shampoo is therefore essential in preparing the hair for a professional keratin treatment. Suitable for all hair types including chemically treated hair.

      Directions For Use:

      Apply on wet hair, lather well and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

    • QOD Max Silver 1000ml

      QOD Max Silver improved formula was developed with key ingredients, like a blend of acid proteins that guarantee straight effect and unique shine, resulting in an incomparable hair treatment. Its violet pigment protect blonds, blanched and highlighted hairs avoiding the color fading and the yellowish effect.



      Directions For Use:

      1. Wash the hair with QOD Cleansing Shampoo. Repeat the process for better performance, however for clients with colored hair we recommend 1 application of cleanser is sufficient.
      2. Remove 60% of the humidity of the hair with the help of a blow-dryer using fingers.
      3. After the hair is dried, section hair (forehead to nape and then ear to ear).
      4. Beginning at the back section, take 1/2 inch sections, put approx. 30ml of QOD Max Silver in a small receptacle and dust QOD Treatment with color brush from root to tip, then comb through. Use a fine tooth comb to better spread the product along the hair fiber.
      5. Let sit according to hair type, see table below.
      6.  After the pause, rinse hair with warm water and begin the process of straightening the hair. (hot blow-dryer + brush)
      7. Begin at back section and take 1/2 inch sections passing the straightener over 10 to 15 times per section until all hair is straightened. (Temperature should be between 180-200 degrees).
      8.  Explain to client not to get hair wet or damp and not to tie it up. Leave for at least 24 hours (max 48 hours). Wash out with QOD Sodium Chloride Shampoo and Condition with QOD Deep Moisturising Conditioner.


      Thin 20 mins 25 mins 40 mins
      Medium 20 mins 30 mins 45 mins
      Thick 20 mins 25 mins 40 mins


      NB: Clients must use specially formulated QOD aftercare shampoo and conditioner to guarantee the 16 week longevity.


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